Nikon Digital Camera and Photography Resources

This site is a resource for Nikon camera users to enjoy free of charge. At present it is simply a collection of files and links that will hopefully make your use of this fine photographic equipment easier and more enjoyable.

Back Focus

Here is a handy document which will inform you on how to test for back focus and provide a printable chart which may be used to accurately test for this condition.
Back Focus Test Document

Custom Settings

Here is the spreadsheet from which details recommended settings in all 4 shooting and 4 custom banks for your Nikon D200 camera:
Custom Setting Spreadsheet

For those who don't have a copy of Excel, simply download the free viewer and you will be able to use the file.

Nikon Custom Curves

Here are a collection of custom curves that you can load into your Nikon camera through either Nikon Capture or ToneUp (a much cheaper alternative).

sReala 2.0
Extremely popular custom curve which improves underexposure and improved highlight detail. Colour rendition is brighter and more prominent whilst maintaining the default level of contrast. More information at the author's page located here.
Contrasty curve by nature, more geared for flatter lighting types and will enhance colour rendition, contrast whilst optimising dynamic range. Good to use if you want bold images straight out of the camera.
Created purely as a portrait type curve. Rivals the low contrast curves found by default in Nikons tone presets. Aims to produce low contrast images and give accurate smooth looking skins tones, eliminating the inteferance of harsh shadows.
Point and Shoot 4.1
Point and Shoot v4.1: This is a good replacement curve for photographers who constantly find themselves having to use EV compensation to correct for dark images. It is calibrated precisely to add the equivalent of +0.5 EV to images while holding more highlight information than if you were to actually set the camera to +0.5 EV. This curve is recommended for most users as a general use curve.
EV3 v4.2
EV3 v4.2: This curve does the exact same as the curve above, however, it is calibrated precisely to add the equivalent of +0.33 EV to images. This curve is recommended for people who find the "Point and Shoot" curve too bright.
White Wedding 3.5
Classic correction curve, creates more details in highlights.
ISO 3200
Sandro Bravo's 3200 ISO curve that helps reduce noise on the D2H/D2Hs at this ISO setting. May work similarly in other cameras -- give it a try!

Understanding Histograms

The histogram is one of the most powerful and useful features of all digital cameras... but it can also be very confusing. Check out this article to gain a complete undertanding of all facets of histograms. If you want to get better at using your histogram to get better exposures, you'll need to train your eye to do it! Learn how to use histograms properly at

Depth Of Field

Depth of field and hyperfocal distance sounds complicated but is easy to understand and calculate optimum values for at this handy site:
Online Depth of Field Master

Print Ratio Calculator

Calculate print aspect ratios and maximum print sizes at This handy site allows you to discover:

  • How many megapixels your photo is
  • How large you can print without losing quality
  • The aspect ratio it conforms to — even calculates closest ratio!
  • All paper sizes for print aspect ratio
  • The measurment converted into either imperial or metric
  • Links to where to buy paper that conforms with your photograph's aspect ratio

DarkroomPro Magazine

There's a great new photography magazine soon to be available in the iTunes App Store for the iPad! First issue release is in May 2011... can't wait!

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